Permits in Wake County's Jurisdiction 

If you are applying for a permit in Wake County's building jurisdiction, please visit the Permit Portal and apply for the appropriate building permit and wastewater permit.


Permits in Municipal Jurisdictions  

If you are applying for a permit in a municipal building jurisdiction, please visit the Permit Portal and apply for the appropriate wastewater permit only.


Application Requirements 

  1. Site plan requirements (see section II.F)

  2. Complete an application through the Permit Portal

  3. Pay invoices upon receipt. 

  4. Stake and flag the property corners, property lines every 50 ft', and all corners of the proposed structure(s) as indicated from the submitted site plan. 

  5. Site Preparation Requirements


1 + 1 Verifications For Subdivision of Property

A 1+1 verification is required to protect the original system and maintain repair area as designed on the original permit. (1+1)

If an application is submitted for an unrecorded lot which has an existing structure and septic system on that same parcel of land, Environmental Services will have to verify that enough land remains with the existing structure for the system, and for repair. Systems may not cross property lines, regardless of ownership. If an existing parcel is greater than 10 acres, verification is not required.

The Zoning Department in the property's ETJ makes the determination whether a verification is required.

For residential lots with an existing septic system, an application for a "WasteWater: Residential Permit - Existing". If the lot has no existing system a "Wastewater: Residential Permit - New"

Have questions or need more information? Please contact Environmental Services support staff at 919-856-7400.