When you are installing a septic system, nothing is more frustrating than having the system fail inspection. We've pulled together the top 10 reasons why septic system installations aren't approved on initial inspection to help you avoid this problem:

  1. Installer not finished on time.

  2. "Step-downs" have to be adjusted or reconstructed.

  3. Installer alters system location or system configuration without approval.

  4. If a pump system, alarm and/or pump check are usually done at a later time (lag time for electrician).

  5. Engineered or alternative systems usually require multiple inspections at specific stages.

  6. System installed too close to well.

  7. Repair area altered or damaged.

  8. System installed too close to property line.

  9. System doesn't comply with all conditions listed on permit.

  10. Inadequate lengths of nitrification line and/or inadequate amounts of stone.