​To abandon a wastewater system location, follow these steps:

  1. Apply for an Abandonment Permit. A site visit will be made and permit will be issued.

  2. Have an approved hauler pump the liquid, sludge and scum from all the tanks in the system.

  3. The tank(s) should be abandoned by a Certified Septic Installer, licensed plumber, licensed public utilities contractor, or the owner of the property where the tank(s) is/are located. Three ways to abandon the tanks are listed below:

    1. Remove the tanks

    2. Fill in the tank in one of two ways:

      1. Fill in entire tank with concrete. Must cap off inlet and outlet pipe penetrations first

      2. Cap off inlet and outlet pipe penetrations with concrete, fill in entire tank with sand or pea gravel filling all void space, and then cap off both inlet and outlet access openings with concrete.

    3. Crush tank in place. Break up bottom of tank so water does not pond on top. Fill in area with sand or pea gravel. Pack material to ensure settling complete.

  4. Backfill the excavation with clean clay material to natural grade and establish

    a vegetative cover.

  5. Disconnect power at the source to all electrical controls and remove all controls and panels.

  6. Remove all parts of the drainfield on the ground surface (such as valves, valve boxes and risers), backfill the area to a natural grade and establish a vegetative cover.

  7. Coat all surface areas exposed to effluent with hydrated lime and establish a vegetative cover.

  8. Recommend to wait at least 18 months before using the disposal area for gardening or construction.

Have questions or need more information? Contact our Wastewater Information Specialist at wastewater@wakegov.com or 919-856-7434.