1. Individual Type IV and V monitoring form
  2. Individual Type IV and V monitoring form template
  3. Large system (Type VI) monitoring form
  4. Large system monitoring (Type VI) form template
  5. Protection of Wastewater Disposal Areas
  6. Wake County Homeowners Wastewater System Maintenance Guide
  7. Sample Maintenance and Inspection Agreement

All type V and VI systems and type IV systems installed after 7-1-92 are required to have a Certified Subsurface Wastewater Operator operate and maintain the system at a certain frequency as determined in 15A NCAC 18A .1961

If you received notification from Wake County Environmental Services requiring that you obtain and submit a copy of a current Certified Subsurface Operator contract to the Wake County Department of Environmental Services, please see the link below to obtain a list of current Subsurface Wastewater Operators.

Please visit the North Carolina Operator Certification Program for a complete listing of Certified Subsurface Wastewater Operators.  Once you have obtained a contract, please submit the contract by mail, fax or email.


Wake County Department of Environmental Services

Technical Assistance

PO Box 550

Raleigh, NC  27602


Fax:  919-743-4772


Once you have obtained a contract and submitted it to the Department, the operator must conduct the required Operation and Maintenance (O&M) inspection and submit a copy of the report to the Department.  Some system types may require sampling of influent/ effluent and are subject to renewal of the Operations Permit (OP).  Also some system types may require inspection fees to be paid to the Department.  See the following link for inspection fee costs.

Please see the following page for directions for locating an online copy of your septic (wastewater) permit.


If you would like to become your own Subsurface Wastewater System Operator, please check here for next Subsurface Wastewater System Operator Training School.