Questions Concerning Onsite Wastewater Systems and Permits

Wastewater Information Specialist, or 919-856-7434.

Section Manager

Wastewater Management Manager, 919-856-7436

Design Review/Technical Assistance

Jie Liu P.E., M.S., Environmental Engineer, Program Lead, 919-856-7418

Subdivision Review and Technical Assistance 

William MillerL.S.S., P.G, Environmental Consultant, Program Lead, 919-856-5380

Training and Innovative Technologies

Ishwar Devkota, P.E., Environmental Engineer, Program Lead, 919-856-7439

Emergency Spill Response Coordinator 

Cory Larsen, P.E., Environmental Consultant, Program Lead, 919-856-7443

Water Quality Director

Michael Orbon, Water Quality Director, 919-856-7433