Eric Green, Wastewater Management Manager, 919-856-7436

Permitting Consultant/Design Review and Technical Assistance

Design Review/Technical Assistance

Jie Jiu P.E., M.S., Environmental Engineer, Program Lead, 919-856-7418

Brett Martin L.S.S., Environmental Consultant, 919-856-7463

Justin Milstein L.S.S., Environmental Consultant, Program Lead, 919-210-1734

Operation and Maintenance Team 

Tom Whaley, Environmental Consultant, Program Lead, 919-868-6412
Casey Fulghum M.S., Environmental Consultant, 919-500-9201
Tim Warren, Environmental Consultant, 919-576-4212
Travis Howard, Environmental Consultant, 919-369-5974

Subdivision Review and Technical Assistance 

William MillerL.S.S., P.G, Environmental Consultant, Program Lead, 919-856-5380

Training and Innovative Technologies

Ishwar Devkota P.E., Environmental Engineer, Program Lead, 919-856-7439

DEQ/Emergency Response MOA Coordinator 

Cory Larsen P.E., Environmental Consultant, Program Lead, 919-856-7443