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​Stormwater Process:

The Stormwater Process in the Town of Wendell is composed of the following: Presubmittal Meeting, Sketch Plan Submittal, Preliminary Plan Review, Technical Review Committee, Construction Plan Review, Plan Approval, Preconstruction Meeting, Permit Issuance, Permit Completion and Post-Construction Maintenance. In addition, Wake County administers the Town’s erosion and sediment control and stormwater regulations including related plan review and permit issuance.
Prior to initiating a stormwater application, the applicant should be familiar with The Wendell Unified Development Ordinance, Chapter 6 Environmental Protection. All applicants must adhere to the Town of Wendell's Residential Development Application and Commercial Residential Application in addition to the following submittal requirements:

I. Presubmittal Meeting

All development proposals are required to schedule a presubmittal meeting with the Town of Wendell before any plan submittal process is initiated. Wake County staff will provide guidance on E&SC and stormwater submittals and site plan design guidance, in coordination with the Town of Wendell. Applicants should call 919-365-4448 to schedule a meeting with the Town of Wendell. Applicants should also email Watershed Manager Debbie Ryals ( prior to this meeting and provide the following information:
  • Project Name 
  • Contact Information 
  • PIN Number  
  • Approximate Disturbed Acreage (if available) 
  • Summary 
  • Sketch Plan (if available)

II. Sketch Plan Submittal

A sketch plan will be required for all development proposals following the presubmittal meeting. See the Town’s Review Procedures Policy for fees and submittal requirements.

III. Master Plan/Preliminary Plan Review

After the presubmittal meeting and sketch plan review, the applicant must provide a master/preliminary plan. The submission will be reviewed by the Technical Review Committee (TRC) and all plans should be submitted to the Town of Wendell for distribution. See Town of Wendell’s Review Procedures Policy for fees and submittal requirements. The Preliminary Plan submittal for stormwater should include the following:
  • Cover letter stating the purpose of the submission 
  • Two (2) copies of the Municipal Stormwater Design Tool (Site Data Sheet, DA Sheets, Site Summary, and any other sheets available) 
  • Wake County Municipal Stormwater Submittal Checklist (Preliminary Plan portion) 
  • Wake County Municipal Standards Checklist 
  • Site Plan 
  • Drainage Area Map 
  • Copy of USGS Quad Map and Wake County Soil Survey map with delineated project limits 
  • Any additional calculations available

IV. Construction Plan Review

Following the TRC Review process, development and redevelopment with greater than 20,000 square feet of disturbance are required to obtain a Stormwater Permit through Wake County. Development with greater than 1 acre will have to obtain a Land Disturbance Permit through Wake County. The applicant shall submit the following to Wake County for stormwater construction plan review:
  • Cover letter stating the purpose of the submission
  • Erosion Control and Stormwater Joint Application  
  • Wake County Municipal Stormwater Submittal Checklist (Preliminary Plan and Construction Plan portion) 
  • Wake County Municipal Standards Checklist 
  • Two (2) copies of the Municipal Stormwater Design Tool (All sheets) 
  • Five (5) copies of a complete set of construction drawings 
  • Drainage Area Map 
  • Copy of USGS Quad map and Wake County Soil Survey with delineated project limits 
  • All supporting calculation documentation 
  • Erosion Control requirements (applicant should submit a total of five (5) copies when submitting for both Stormwater and Erosion Control)
Wake County will provide review comments or plan approval directly to the applicant. Applicant should adhere to the fee schedule for all resubmittals.

V. Preconstruction Meeting

Following approval of construction drawings by Wake County and the Town of Wendell, a pre-construction meeting must be scheduled prior to any land disturbance. A preconstruction meeting will also be required with the Town of Wendell prior to construction. Applicant should call 919-365-4448 to set up a meeting with Town of Wendell. Applicant should contact Watershed Manager Debbie Ryals to schedule this meeting with Wake County. At this time, applicants will obtain the Stormwater Permit as well as a Land Disturbance Permit (if applicable). Additionally, applicant shall receive two copies of the approved stormwater and/or erosion control plan. Applicant should bring the following to the preconstruction meeting:
  • All associated permit fees 
  • Site contractor(s) 
  • Financially responsible party 
  • Engineer (if requested)

VI. Conditions of Approval

The following conditions of approval (as noted on construction plan stormwater approval letter) shall be provided to Wake County for review prior recordation of the final plat; Stormwater Agreement, Operation & Maintenance Plan, Engineer’s Certification, Asbuilt Survey, Covenants, Performance Guarantee, etc. See Town’s Review Procedures Policy for additional information regarding as built drawings, final plat approval, and final plat recordation.
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