Residential Building Permits may be referred to floodplain management for review:

  • Structures within 100 feet of flood hazard areas (FEMA or flood prone soils)
  • Driveway crossing of flood hazard areas or drainage easements

  • Encroachment into riparian buffers or drainage easement

Building permit applications made through the Permit Portal will be sent to Watershed Management staff for review. The applicant will be invoiced $50 for flood certification. The flood review will not begin until fees are collected. 

Flood Certification Process

Building permit applications are required to supply a plot plan which includes a scale drawing of the lot and the proposed impervious features (house footprint, driveway, sidewalks, porches, outbuildings, etc.). The plot plan may include building setbacks, easements, flood hazard areas, riparian buffers or water supply buffers. If the dwelling(s) is within 100 feet of a flood hazard area or has FEMA flood hazards on or adjacent to the lot, the application will be referred to stormwater staff for review. Stormwater staff will contact the applicant to allow for revision of the plan or requirements for necessary flood certifications to be completed by a surveyor.
For lots with flood hazard soils, two flood certifications are required. The first survey is required prior to any inspections. The surveyor will complete a flood certification form and submit for review.  The second survey and form is required prior to the foundation inspection. A third and final as-built survey and/or flood certificate may be required to confirm the location of the structures and/or the finished floor elevation.
For lots with FEMA flood hazard areas, three flood certifications are required. The first elevation certificate  is required prior to any inspections. The second certificate is required prior to the foundation inspection. A third and final elevation certificate is required to confirm the finished floor elevation prior to release of the certificate of occupancy.
A FEMA elevation certificate is required in place of the County's flood certification form. A certified flood surveyor is recommended.
NOTE: The elevation certificate required for the building permit may NOT suffice for flood insurance purposes.
For more information on building near a flood hazard area, please contact Betsy Pearce, CFM at 919-856-7541.
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