Whether you are looking to build on the perfect piece of property or you've just experienced damage from a flood, flood prevention and mitigation is something we should all be concerned with. Wake County's Floodplain & Stormwater Management program provides helpful advice and determines compliance with floodplain regulations in our community.
Flood Hazard Areas are:
  • FEMA designated Flood Hazard Areas (AE, X500)
  • Flood prone soils
  • Streams and lakes
  • Backwaters from culverts, bridges, road crossings, etc 

Requesting Floodplain Information

To obtain floodplain information for properties in Wake County determine if your property is located in an unincorporated part of Wake County or a municipality.

Using Wake County iMaps, determine the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ)

Once the ETJ is known, reference the Contact List to find the Floodplain administrator(s) within your jurisdiction.

A new tool from the State is Flood.NC.Gov. Search the site by address for base flood elevations, risk estimates, insurance estimates, and more! 


Requirements for Development or Construction in Flood Hazard Areas within Wake County

 Scenarios that require a Flood Certification or a Flood Study

The requirement for a Flood Elevation Certificate or Flood Study is determined by Floodplain Management staff through site plan review as part of the building permit application process.

  1. A building lot may have been identified for potential flood hazard during construction plan review and noted with an asterisk *.  
  2. A proposed structure is within 100 feet of flood hazard soils or FEMA flood hazard area. 
  3. There is FEMA floodplain on or adjacent to the lot. 
  4. Development is proposed in or near a stream buffer including driveway crossings.

Wake County prohibits fill or structures in the floodplain; in addition, structures on flood hazard lots shall be elevated at least 1 foot above the base flood elevation.


Flood Certifications

A Wake County elevation certificate may be required if any construction activity has been proposed within 100 feet of the Wake County flood hazard soils.

All Flood Certifications must be performed by a Professional Land Surveyor and reviewed by Wake County Floodplain Management Staff.

Flood Study

A flood study must be performed if the proposed construction activity involves a roadway, driveway and other encroachments crossing through Wake County Flood hazard soils or FEMA floodplain.
A flood study must be performed by a Professional Engineer or Professional Land Surveyor and reviewed by Wake County Floodplain Management Staff.
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