There is not a requirement to obtain an Erosion and Sedimentation Control (E&SC) permit when building on an individual lot and disturbing less than 1 acre; however, you DO have to install minimum E&SC measures for all lots regardless of size of disturbance.
** Sediment and erosion control measures are performance-based. You must use measures that are adequate to retain sediment onsite.**
Sediment & Erosion Control
Inadequate and Poorly Maintained Adequate and Well-Maintained
Inadequate and Poorly Maintained Adequate and Well-Maintained


Minimum Requirements:

  • Must install a gravel pad, 10 feet in width and 30 feet in length, or equivalent, at the access point(s) for construction vehicles
  • Must install silt fences on the low side of the lot prior to the initial footing inspection conducted by the Building Inspections Division.


Tips for Success:

  • Watch, Listen and Plan for RAIN.
  • Talk to your subcontractors and workers – parking on shoulder and entering lot from any point other than the construction entrance should be prohibited!
  • Establish vegetation ASAP – temporary seeding, mulching or straw and tack can save on offsite remediation.
  • Inspect your site and measures at the end of every workday and after each heavy rain event.
  • Maintain devices and measures – clean or replace when measures are 50% full.
  • Washing the streets is not a good method of remediation – a square-point shovel and pushbroom are more appropriate and less expensive.
  • Make repairs immediately.


Coming Soon...When silt fence alone doesn't work