Stabilization Guidelines – NEW for 2012!


NPDES Stormwater Discharge Permit for Construction Activities (NCGO1)
NCDENR/Division of Water Quality
(Effective Aug. 3, 2011)
Perimeter dikes, swales, ditches, slopes
7 days
High Quality Water (HQW) Zones
7 days
Slopes steeper than 3:1
7 days
If slopes are 10’ or less in length and are not steeper than 2:1, 14 days are allowed.
Slopes 3:1 or flatter
14 days
7 days for slopes greater than 50’ in length.
All other areas with slopes flatter than 4:1
14 days
None, except for perimeters and HQW Zones.


Seedbed Preparation:

  1. Chisel compacted areas and spread topsoil three inches deep over adverse soil conditions, if available.
  2. Rip the entire area to six inches deep.
  3. Remove all loose rock, roots and other obstructions, leaving surface reasonably smooth and uniform.
  4. Apply agricultural lime, fertilizer and superphosphate uniformly and mix with soil (see mixture below).
  5. Continue tillage until a well-pulverized, firm, reasonably uniform seedbed is prepared four to six inches deep.
  6. Seed on a freshly prepared seedbed and cover seed lightly with seeding equipment or cultipack after seeding.
  7. Mulch immediately after seeding and anchor mulch.
  8. Inspect all seeded areas and make necessary repairs or reseedings within the planting season, if possible. If stand should be more than 60% damaged, re-establish following the original lime, fertilizer and seeding rates.
  9. Consult S&EC Environmental Engineers on maintenance treatment and fertilization after permanent cover is established.


Agricultural Limestone 2 tons/acre (3 tons/acre in clay soils)
Fertilizer 1,000 lbs/acre – 10-10-10
Superphosphate 500 lbs/acre – 20% analysis
Mulch 2 tons/acre – small grain straw
Anchor Asphalt emulsion at 300 gals/acre

Seeding Schedule 

For Shoulders, Side Ditches, Slopes (Max 3:1):
Planting Rate
Aug 15–Nov 1
Tall Fescue
300 lbs/acre
Nov 1–Mar 1
Tall Fescue & Abruzzi Rye
300 lbs/acre
Mar 1–Apr 15
Tall Fescue
300 lbs/acre
Apr 15–Jun 30
Hulled Common Bermudagrass
25 lbs/acre
Jul 1–Aug 15
Tall Fescue AND Browntop Millet or Sorghum-Sudan Hybrids***
125 lbs/acre (Tall Fescue); 35 lbs/acre (Browntop Millet); 30 lbs/acre (Sorghum-Sudan Hybrids)
For Shoulders, Side Ditches, Slopes (3:1 to 2:1):
Date  Type Planting Rate
Mar 1–Jun 1 
Sericea Lespedeza (scarified) and use the following combinations:
50 lbs/acre (Sericea Lespedeza);
Mar 1–Apr 15
Add Tall Fescue
120 lbs/acre
Mar 1–Jun 30
Or add Weeping Love grass
10 lbs/acre
Mar 1–Jun 30
Or add Hulled Common Bermudagrass
25 lbs/acre
Jun 1–Sept 1
Tall Fescue AND Browntop Mullet or Sorghum-Sudan Hybrids***
120 lbs/acre (Tall Fescue); 35 lbs/acre (Browntop Mullet); 30 lbs/acre (Sorghum-Sudan Hybrids)
Sept 1–Mar 1
Sericea Lespedeza (unhulled – unscarified) AND Tall Fescue
70 lbs/acre (Sericea Lespedeza); 120 lbs/acre (Tall Fescue)
Nov 1–Mar 1
AND Abruzzi Rye
25 lbs/acre
Consult S&EC Environmental Engineers for additional information concerning other alternatives for vegetation of denuded areas. The above vegetation rates are those that do well under local conditions; other seeding rate combinations are possible.
*** TEMPORARY: Reseed according to optimum season for desired permanent vegetation. Do not allow temporary cover to grow more than 12" in height before mowing; otherwise, fescue may be shaded out.


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