The Wake County Sedimentation and Erosion Control standard drawings illustrate minimum acceptable standards for land development, disturbing or erosion control activities authorized under the development regulations of Wake County; however, these standards shall not supersede more restrictive prudent design requirements or good engineering practices as applied to specific situations on a case-by-case basis. Unless otherwise specified on these standard drawings or in the minimum standards established by the North Carolina Sedimentation & Pollution Control Act as amended and the North Carolina Erosion Control Design Manual, all construction shall meet or exceed the Wake County Unified Development Ordinance.
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Block & Gravel Drop Inlet
Catch Basin Riser
Check Dam
Clean Water Diversion
Construction Entrance
Custom Basin
Diversion Ditch
Filter Bag for Dewatering Activities
Gravel Bag Curb Inlet Protection
Gravel Yard Inlet Protection
Horseshoe Inlet Protection
Lot by Lot Erosion Control
Permanent Riser with Custom Basin
Permanent Riser with Custom Basin
Permanent Riser with Skimmer Basin
Pipe Outlet to Flat Area
Pipe Outlet to Well-Defined Area
Rip Rap Lined Channel
Riser Barrel Sediment Basin
Rock Dam Sediment Basin
Rock Dam Sediment Basin
Silt Bag
Silt Fence
Silt Fence Outlet
Skimmer Basin*
Skimmer Detail*
Temporary Slope Drain
Temporary Stream Crossing
Under Construction Pipe Inlet Protection
 *Any skimmer design that dewaters from the surface at a controlled rate is acceptable
Listed above are links to Development Regulation Standard Drawing files in either PDF or DWG formats. Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to view the PDF files. The standard drawings in DWG format can be downloaded for use in any drawing package that supports DWG files.


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