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Strategic Goals and Objectives

Community Health Economic Strength Education Great Government Growth & Sustainability Public Safety Social & Economic Vitality
Goal: Establish a deliberate and realistic approach to address growth and mobility while preserving our environment and enhancing our quality of life.
Completion Status
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Implement a comprehensive approach for preserving open space and developing parks and greenways to address gaps, leverage opportunities and resources, and enhance collaboration with municipal partners.

GS1.1 Set priorities and implement strategies for the use of new bond funds for parks, open space and greenways.
Promote sustainability efforts throughout the county.
  GS2.1 Update and implement the comprehensive solid waste plan to 1) extend the life of the landfill through recycling and technology, 2) maximize recycling, 3) reduce litter, and 4) engage the community through outreach and education.
Address quality and quantity issues associated with water resources.
  GS3.1 Collaborate with the Water Partnership on One Water initiatives, including 1) revise water resource policies to reflect current scientific data and understanding, 2) protect watershed and stream buffers, 3) participate actively in protection of Falls and Jordan Lakes, and 4) promote conservation measures on lands in current and potential watersheds.
  GS3.2 Encourage farmland preservation; revisit goals of Wake County Agricultural Economic Development Plan (WCAEDP).
Develop and implement the long range transportation and land use plans.
  GS4.1 Through completion of PLANWake, update and integrate Wake County’s growth plans as it relates to land use and transportation systems plans.
 star.png GS4.2 Convene Wake County municipalities and stakeholders to discuss growth, housing, sustainability, and zoning issues throughout the County.
Guide the implementation of the Wake County Transit Plan.
  GS5.1 Monitor and oversee the deliverables and processes established by the transit governance interlocal agreement.
  GS5.2 Encourage best development practices and create affordable housing opportunities in areas identified for transit improvement.
GS5.3 Expand opportunities and implement strategies to address affordability of transit services and the needs in vulnerable communities and rural areas.
GS5.4 Identify and recommend multi-modal transportation opportunities supporting the Wake County Transit Plan.


         Wake County Departments & Agencies: