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Strategic Goals and Objectives

Community Health Economic Strength Education Great Government Growth & Sustainability Public Safety Social & Economic Vitality
Goal: Create a business-friendly environment to attract, retain and grow business, diversify the economic base and create job opportunities for all citizens.  
Completion Status
      New     Up to 50%     50%-85%     More than 85%     Complete  starKey.png   Priority
Support Wake County Economic Development's efforts to bring targeted jobs and business to Wake County.
Leverage and collaborate with partners to increase opportunities and support for entrepreneurial ventures and existing businesses.

ES2.1 Develop and implement strategies to support businesses owned by minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and socially and economically challenged individuals.

ES2.2 Develop and implement strategies to support small-business creation and successful entrepreneurship.
Develop economic development strategies and tools that encourage socially responsible business practices, environmental stewardship, affordable housing, high quality of life and return on investments that produce societal benefits.
star.png  ES3.1 Explore a multi-criteria policy for economic development incentives to include work with vulnerable communities.
  ES3.2 Create a program/mechanism to recognize businesses with socially responsible employment practices.
Support initiatives to reduce barriers, leverage resources and facilitate buildout of high speed internet connectivity that enables coverage, speed and affordability for all citizens.
  ES4.1 Seek legislation to expand digital infrastructure/broadband capability to the unserved and under-served areas and residents of the County.
  ES4.2 Identify and work with partners to enhance high speed internet connectivity options for all residents.
Work with community partners to provide robust workforce development and talent training.


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