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Strategic Goals and Objectives

Community Health Economic Strength Education Great Government Growth & Sustainability Public Safety Social & Economic Vitality
Goal: Promote an effective behavioral and physical health system of care and practices that benefits all residents. 
Completion Status
      New     Up to 50%     50%-85%     More than 85%     Complete  starKey.png   Priority
Support and build capacity for the treatment and management of residents who experience behavioral health challenges.
Work with the Sheriff’s Office and community partners to develop sustainable strategies for assisting detained and/or incarcerated individuals that suffer from mental illness. .
  CH1.2​ ​Evaluate and develop sustainability plan for WakeBrook operations.
CH1.3​ Leverage partnerships to enhance data sharing related to behavioral health services
  ​CH1.4 Identify and work with partners to expand stable permanent supportive housing opportunities and services for frequent users of community health services.
  ​CH1.5 Explore opportunities to continue Medicaid eligibility for individuals incarcerated in County jails.
  CH1.6 ​Enhance substance abuse treatment options.
  CH1.7​ Enhance crisis services available to Wake County residents.
 star.png ​CH1.8 Prioritize Wake County Behavioral Health Plan work objectives and develop a two-year work plan.
Improve health outcomes of Wake County residents through a comprehensive approach to population health.
  CH2.1 Continue focus on active lifestyles and improved access to health services and healthy foods in school-aged populations.
  CH2.2 Support efforts to share medical records between safety net providers through a common platform.
  ​CH2.3 Prioritize the Population Health Task Force Report work objectives and develop a three year work plan.
star.png  ​CH2.4 Assess existing programs and identify gaps in order to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to support healthy and thriving babies and moms.


         Wake County Departments & Agencies: