Parts of the 2012 Draft Transit Plan

Wake County Transit Plan
Wake County Transit Plan – Executive Summary
Appendix A – Capital Investments
Appendix B – Local Bus Service Details
Appendix C – Commuter Bus Service Details
Appendix D – Proposed Commuter Rail
Appendix E – Commuter Rail Service Details
Appendix F – Light Rail Transit
Appendix G – Financial Models
Appendix H – Analysis of Forecasts and Projections
Appendix I – Sales Tax Revenues
Appendix J – Financials – Sensitivity Analysis
Appendix K – Financial Model Updates and Other Plan Changes
Appendix L – Existing Transit Services in Wake County 

To Print the 2012 Draft Transit Plan

A PDF of the entire plan in printable format is available. Note that it is a large file (58.1 MB) and will take some time to download. It contains blank pages as spacers to print the full report two-sided. Please note that the financial spreadsheets in Appendix G are formatted at 11” x 17” so you may wish to print those separately and insert them in the booklet.

Download the entire printable version of the 2012 Draft Wake County Transit Plan.