Ownership, sale information and property details for all Wake County real estate parcels is available for downloaded. The data in this file is refreshed daily and reflects property values from the most recent countywide reappraisal. 

The complete County file is available as both a text and database file.
If you are using Microsoft Access version 2000 or later to import and view the data, locate the file labeled Public.mdb and save it to your computer.
                       ***You must have MS Access 2000 or later to use the .mdb file**
If you are using a spreadsheet program or database other than Microsoft Access 2000 or later, locate the file labeled All.txt and save it to your computer. Prior to opening and viewing the new fixed width format text file, you will need to create Import Specifications in your spreadsheet or database program prior to viewing the file. Please refer to your program’s instructions on creating Import Specifications. Our Record Layout defines the starting position and name of each data field.
(Note: The Record Layout was updated on 11/30/2012. Please view the layout to see the changes
Once you have imported text file into your program or opened the Access mdb file, use the Code Descriptions to help you define the data displayed in the fields.