Prepaying Property Taxes
The Revenue Department accepts advance payments for real estate, business, and personal property taxes from January 1 until June 30. Payments may be remitted in any dollar amount during this period. All prepayments are applied to accounts before the annual tax bills are mailed in July. Prepayment may be made using all payment options with the exception of credit cards and checking account draft.

Installment Payments
Upon receiving your property tax bill, you may elect to make installment payments. Payments may be made in any amount and at any interval provided the taxes are paid in full before becoming delinquent. Prior approval from the Revenue Department is not required to make installment payments on current bills. A statement reflecting the account balance will be mailed after each payment. Installment payments may be made using any of the available payment options.

Formal Payment Plans
If you are not certain you will be able to pay your entire balance in full before the account becomes delinquent, call our office immediately upon receiving your tax bill and our staff will work with you to arrange a short term payment plan.  You will be asked to provide contact information along with your employer and banking information.  If you delay in establishing a payment plan, the terms available to you may be limited.

By keeping your payment plan current, your account will not be subject to enforced debt collection; however, payment plans do not prevent real estate from being advertised in the local newspaper should any portion of the bill be delinquent at the time the advertisement is made.