Wake County Big Sweep

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered our 2020 Spring Big Sweep Schedule, canceling all our scheduled cleanups from March through May. Safety of our Big Sweep Zone Captains and volunteers is always our top priority.  Pending the status of COVID-19, we hope to be back sweepin’ our creeks, lakes, wetlands, parks and neighborhoods clean this fall.
Wake County Big Sweep advises you NOT to pick up litter in your neighborhood during this pandemic. According to reports from global health services, COVID-19 can live on cardboard for 24 hours and up to 2–3 days on plastic. The Top Ten most littered items are those that have been in someone’s mouth and hands such as drink cups, bottles, cans, straws, plastic cutlery, food containers and cigarette butts. For your safety and that of others, please leave litter where it lies until this health emergency is over. Thank you for your understanding and patience!
Wake County Big Sweep Celebrates 30 Years!
Cause for Applause!

BigSweep_Picture1.jpgWhere can I volunteer in Wake County?

Big Sweep welcomes willing & enthusiastic volunteers! Wake County has numerous cleanups in several municipalities thanks to dynamo Zone Captains who lead these events. Select a site on our spring or fall schedule. To volunteer, contact the site's Zone Captain or park office to preregister the volunteers in your party. This is a good time to make sure the site is appropriate for different age groups and different levels of physical ability. Volunteers must complete the Volunteer Liability Waiver and return it to the Zone Captain on the day of the cleanup.  Note: Some sites may require volunteers to sign two waivers.  Thank you for signing these important forms! 
What is Wake County Big Sweep?
Wake County Big Sweep is a citizen volunteer effort to make our environment litter-free. Wake County focuses on watersheds, coordinating cleanups of streams, lakes and wetlands.  Events are planned throughout spring and fall each year in partnership with city & county parks, civic organizations, youth groups, schools, churches, and businesses.

Wake County Big Sweep is affiliated with the international Ocean Conservancy that began the International Coastal Cleanup to remove litter from beaches and coastal shorelines around the world.  Our volunteers intercept litter before it travels downstream via the Neuse and Cape Fear Rivers, to the NC coast, and out to the Atlantic Ocean. 

When is Big Sweep?
In Wake County, we hold numerous Big Sweep cleanups in Spring (March & April) and Fall (September & October) on multiple dates to broaden participation and lend flexibility to busy schedules.  Visit this web site often to see our latest schedule!  Cleanups are listed by date chronologically, then by town and watershed alphabetically.


Why is Big Sweep important?
Big Sweep plays an important role in watershed protection by keeping Wake County’s waterways litter-free, beautiful, ecologically viable, and safe for drinking or other designated water uses. Big Sweep volunteers are often the first ones who bring illicit discharges and other potential pollutants to their local government’s attention.  Volunteers pull out the garbage that can harm the water you drink, the places you fish, the wildlife you love, and the beautiful waterways you canoe, sail, and swim in!  
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How can I become a Zone Captain?
Do you have a littered area in Wake County in mind?  Are you willing to lead volunteers in a safe cleanup?  New Zone Captains are always welcome and needed!  If interested, contact Wake Soil & Water Conservation District’s Sheila Jones at 919-250-1065 or sbjones@wakegov.com for details and assistance.  


Whom can I call?
Wake County Big Sweep is a program of Wake Soil and Water Conservation District.  If you have further questions or need assistance, contact Wake County Big Sweep Coordinator Sheila Jones at 919-250-1065 or sbjones@wakegov.com

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