The Wake Soil & Water Conservation District is well known for its high-quality sources of information. Consultants, environmental engineers, surveyors and real estate agents look to us for our historic aerial photography, GIS data layers and custom maps to fulfill their environmental assessment requirements. The Map Room located in the District office is well used, with more than 200 individuals per year using this resource.
Historical Aerial Photography
The Map room contains full sets of Wake County aerial photos for the following years:
Year​ Scale
1949​ 1 in = 1732 ft​
1954​ 1 in  =1320 ft​
1965​ 1 in = 1320 ft​
1971​ 1 in = 660 ft​
1981​ 1 in = 1320 ft​
1988​ 1 in = 1320 ft​
1993​ 1 in = 2000 ft​

The aerial photos cannot be taken out of the office, but copies can be made using the District's copier.


Wake_Soil_Survey_Cover_resize.jpgWake County Soil Survey

Individual soil survey map sheets from the 1970 Wake County Soil Survey are available in the Map Room.
A limited number of soil survey books are also available upon request.
A digital copy of the 1970 Wake County Soil Survey is available to be viewed and downloaded. Wake County Soil Survey Manuscript (PDF; 18.7 MB).
For the most current and up-to-date soil survey information, please visit the NRCS Web Soil Survey to access and use soil data.