Services for Homeowners and Communities

3Sarah Morgan Stormwater Wetland installed to infiltrate runoff.JPGThe Wake Soil and Water Conservation District assists urban and suburban homeowners with natural resource concerns that may occur on their property.  Natural Resource Conservationists are available to assist with site assessments and provide technical assistance for issues ranging from flooding and drainage problems to stream erosion and other home-related natural resource concerns.  
Technical assistance to address natural resource concerns is also available to businesses, schools, churches, community parks or homeowners associations.
If you have a natural resource concern that you would like addressed please contact a Natural Resource Conservationist at 919-250-1050.

Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP)


CCAP is a voluntary, incentive-based cost share program designed to improve water quality through the installation of various best management practices (BMPs) on urban, suburban and rural lands not directly involved with agriculture production.

Eligible landowners may include homeowners, businesses, schools, parks and publicly owned lands.


Interested landowners may apply at the Wake Soil and Water Conservation district for financial and technical assistance for the installation of BMPs to protect water quality. Applications are ranked based on local water quality priorities and, if eligible, a conservation plan is prepared. Landowners may receive financial assistance of up to 75 percent of the pre-established average cost of the BMP.

WF Two 5000 gallon cisterns.jpg

Practices eligible for cost share under CCAP include:

    • Cisterns
    • Stormwater wetlands
    • Grassed swales
    • Bioretention Areas
    • Rain Gardens
    • Backyard Wetlands
    • Critical Area Plantings
    • Diversions
    • Pet Waste Receptacles


If you are interested in participating in CCAP please contact the Wake Soil and Water Conservation District at 919-250-1050.


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