​The Area 4, North Carolina, and International Envirothons make up an exciting series of academic competitions, challenging middle and high school students to hone their knowledge of natural resources. Each five-member team takes a written test at each station; the team with the highest total score wins the competition. (High school and middle school teams compete separately.) Discussion topics and test questions revolve around five subject areas:

  • Soils – soil classifications, profiles, properties, formation factors and characteristics; erosion; soil surveys; site suitability; and soil conservation practices

  • Wildlife – wildlife habitats and their components, identification, food, rules and regulations, bird calls, diseases and wildlife management

  • Aquatics – Water quality, stream improvement, water chemistry, identification of plants and animals living in or around water, river basins and watersheds, water pollution and water conservation

  • Forests – tree identification, improvement of timber stand, forest ecology and management, forest measurements, forest insects and tree diseases

  • Current Environmental Issues – current or newsworthy environmental issues

Wake County schools initially compete at the Area level and must achieve high scores to advance to compete at the State Envirothon. The Wake Soil & Water Conservation District participates in the planning and implementation of each competition and sponsors Wake County teams.
All registered Wake County teams will be provided a study manual and helpful support from the Wake District and other conservation partners.
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