Notice: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our department has implemented new operations for the Wake SWCD Field Office. Please see this Memo for details on how our office is continuing work efforts during the State of Emergency issued by Wake County and North Carolina and amid stay-at-home proclamations.
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How much agricultural land is there in Wake County?

You may be surprised at the amount of agricultural land that still exists in Wake County. View the full-sized map and see just how much.
*Hint:  Wake County Soil and Water Conservation Department's workload covers 121,631 rural acres, which is more than the ENTIRE county of Chowan. Wake's Soil and Water Conservation Department staff has a workload greater than 54 counties in North Carolina, where Wake is ranked 46th in cash revenues for agriculture (2012 Cash receipts, NCDA&CS).

 Did you know?
  • Cost Share funds are available for conservation practices that improve water quality through State and Federal sources, only available through the District.
  • Wake Soil and Water Conservation District holds conservation easements to help families conserve farm and forest lands for their legacy.

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