​Participants who are 18 years or older must take the Safety Orientation Course to receive a membership card.  The course is optional for minors.  Upon completion of the range safety orientation course, members receive a membership card. This card identifies individuals as members of the range and it is a permanent card – there are no annual membership fees or any type of annual renewal fees for the membership card.

The cost of the orientation course and card is $15 for Wake County residents and $25 for non-residents.

Hourly Membership
The membership card is similar to a library card and can be used anytime the range is open to the public. The hourly cost for using the range is $12/hr for Wake County residents and $17/hr for non-residents.

Juniors (individuals under the age of 18) may take the safety course and obtain a Junior membership card; however, until they reach the age of 18, they must shoot with an adult member. When they turn 18, their membership will be upgraded to an hourly membership at no cost. Juniors are not required to have a card to use the range with an adult.

Extended Memberships
Frequent users of the range may want to consider an extended membership, which allows unlimited visits to the range during a period ranging from a month to a year. Depending on how frequently the range is used, the extended membership may provide a considerable cost savings to the member.

Members who have purchased an extended membership are assured of a minimum of two hours on the range each time they visit and may stay longer if the range is not crowded.

The following extended memberships are available and commence from the date they are purchased. If the extended membership is not renewed, the member may still use the range on an hourly basis.

Duration: 1 Month
Wake County Residents: $50      Non-residents: $75
Designed for those members that plan a short period of heavy range use such as hunters.

Duration: 3 Months
Wake County Residents: $100    Non-residents: $150
Also designed for heavy range use over a short period of time.

Duration: 12 Months
Wake County Residents: $250 Non-residents: $300
Designed for members that use the range on a regular basis. Provides one shooting lane on each visit.

Military & Law Enforcement
Duration: 12 Months
$100 regardless of residence
A discounted annual rate for active duty military and law enforcement officers to encourage range practice. This discounted rate is also available for retired military and law enforcement officers.  Please provide proof of active or retired status at the time of purchase.

Duration: 12 Months
Wake County Residents: $300    Non-residents: $350
Designed for families with multiple range members so each member of the family can use the range on an annual basis at a savings. Each member in the immediate family 18 years or older may have a separate lane if desired.