Special Events

The Firearms Training Center and the range operator, Range Safety Management, LLC, is available to host groups for special shooting or training events at the Center.  These events are for training and/or shooting orientation activities designed specifically for the group reserving the range.

Organizations that may benefit by scheduling a special event include business groups, youth groups, competitive shooting organizations, school groups, church groups, law enforcement organizations, private security services and others that have between 5 and 20 participants.

Groups that would like to schedule an event can contact Range Safety Management (RSM) to discuss the type of event, number of people involved and the kind of activities for their event. Initial email contact should be sent to RSM_WCSO@wakegov.com. RSM will work with the group to organize their event.  The general format of the events will be safety instructions and target shooting under a controlled format closely supervised by range safety officers provide by RSM.

Small Group Training Clinics

Many people that are new to the shooting sports, or that have been away from the sport for an extended time, or just need a refresher on the fundamentals of shooting may benefit from a small group training program available to members.

The clinics are scheduled when there is interest. Each clinic has a dedicated instructor and is limited to 5 or 6 people. The instructor works with the group for an hour and a half, helping each participant improve marksmanship skills. Members can register for a clinic at the front desk. The clinic cost is the same as regular range hours.

Wake County Firearms Education & Training Center
Shooting Leagues

(Open to all Wake County Range Members)

The Wake County Firearms Training Center is a host to various shooting leagues that meet during non-public hours. All members of the Firearms Training Center are eligible to participate in the leagues.

The leagues are designed to bring together people that like similar types of shooting activities. A league fee is charged to the participants at each meeting. The fee covers target costs and range use fees. Spectators are welcome, at no charge.

All firearms brought to the range must be unloaded, cased or in a safe holster with magazine removed.

A brief description of each league is available below. For more details, click on the league name. Contact the league director for additional information.

The Action Pistol League meets on the 3rd Monday and 4th Wednesday of each month starting at 6:00 p.m. League members shoot four courses of fire that involve drawing and shooting a handgun, movement and shooting at multiple targets. The stages at each league meeting are similar to USPSA/IPSC, NRA Action Pistol and IDPA matches; however, league matches are not officially sanctioned by any of those organizations.

Any safe working handgun, either semi-automatic or revolver, that is available to the general public may be used. The minimum caliber is .22. All handguns must be carried in a safe holster worn on the belt. SERPA holsters, or any similar holsters that use the trigger finger to release the gun, are not permitted. Factory or reloaded ammunition may be used.

Ear and eye protection is required for anyone in the range during the match, including spectators.

There are usually four courses ranging from 8 to 24 rounds for each course. The total round count for the match will be less than 75 rounds. An explanation for each course of fire will be provided prior to its being shot.

Contact: Parrish Ketchmark    Email:  parrishbrian@yahoo.com

League Fee:  $20 League Dates:  3rd Monday and 4th Wednesday 6:00 p.m.

The Air Pistol League meets on the 1st Wednesday evenings to shoot matches. Air pistol shooting (one-hand) under NRA rules is conducted at each meeting. The league comprises shooters of all skill levels from beginners to national level competitors. Competitors only need a single-shot air pistol to participate in the league. Interested individuals are welcome to observe, at no cost. Junior shooters, ages 14 and up, are welcome to participate. Several members of the league at all skill levels participate in the air pistol events at the NRA national matches each year.

In general, at each match, league members will shoot a 60-shot course of fire at air pistol targets at 10 meters. All shooting is done with one hand, in the standing position. The league matches provide an excellent opportunity for pistol shooters to develop their skills that apply to all other pistol disciplines.

Contact: Willie Trowell   Email:   trowellw@gmail.com

League Fee:  $18  League Dates:  1st Wednesday each month for matches, 6:30 p.m.

The Bullseye Pistol League meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday evenings to shoot matches and on the 3rd Wednesday for training and coaching sessions.  Classical bullseye pistol shooting (one-hand) under NRA and CMP rules is conducted at each meeting.  The league comprises shooters of all skill levels from beginners to national level competitors.  Competitors only need a .22 rimfire pistol to participate in the league. There are scheduled opportunities to shoot centerfire pistol matches, revolver matches, Military and Police Pistol matches, and Service Pistol matches.  Interested individuals are welcome to observe at no cost. Instructional clinics are scheduled periodically to get people introduced to the sport.  Advanced clinics are conducted to further develop shooting skills, training management skills, and mental management skills.  Junior shooters, ages 14 and up, are welcome to participate.  Several members of the league at all skill levels participate in the National Matches each year.

In general, at each match, league members will shoot a 90-shot course of fire, with slow-fire targets at 50 yards followed by timed and rapid-fire targets at 25 yards. All shooting is one hand, unless specified otherwise in advance. Both metallic and optical-type sights are allowed. The league meetings provide an excellent opportunity for pistol shooters to practice for other competitions.

Contact: Willie Trowell   Email:   trowellw@gmail.com

League Fee: $18  League Dates: 2nd & 4th Monday each month for matches, 6 p.m.  3rd Wednesday each month for training and coaching sessions, 6:30 p.m. 


The League is open to any female adult member of the Wake County Firearms Training Center. League meets may include any shooting activities that League members wish to try, including pistol practice on fixed targets, action pistol-type shooting, bullseye pistol shooting and/or defensive-style shooting. Any caliber firearm and any type of sights can be used. Women firearms instructors supervise the league.

Please see our website for more information on our program.

Contact: Shari Forvendel    Email:  wc.lhgl@gmail.com

League Fee: $20  League Dates: 1st Saturday each month, 9 a.m.

As part of the monthly NRA Marksmanship program, young shooters between the age of 10 and 18 may practice and develop their rifle shooting skills with either a BB gun, an air rifle or with a rimfire rifle. Junior shooters may use any type rifle they have available.

If desired, participants may work on NRA Marksmanship Qualification awards, Boy Scout merit badge shooting or simply work on developing their shooting skills. Instructors are available to assist all skill levels. Junior shooters must have their own equipment and be accompanied by a parent who is a member of the range. Juniors are not required to attend the orientation class to become a member, but it is highly recommended.

Contact: Mette Pederson
League Fee: $20 
League Dates: 2nd Wednesday each month, 6:30 p.m.
RSVP required to attend.