​If you are a senior living alone in Wake County, or if you have parents or friends who live alone, you need to know about The Citizens Well-check Program.

Sheriff Harrison is concerned about you.

Sheriff Donnie Harrison’s life experiences contribute to his sincere concerns about our seniors. His father lived 100 miles from him. Although Sheriff Harrison called his father each day, the fact that his father lived alone with no immediate family nearby concerned him. Sheriff Harrison’s concerns motivated him to develop and initiate the Wake County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Well-check Program.

How does the program work?

Seniors who participate in the program are automatically checked on by phone 365 days a year.

What happens if there is no response, the line is busy, or the answering machine picks up?

The Well-check Program will attempt to call a second time. If the Member cannot be reached, the Sheriff’s Office will call the emergency contact numbers. If the Member cannot be reached, the Sheriff’s Office will dispatch a deputy to the Member’s residence to determine if he or she is okay.

Program Criteria:

  1. Be 65 or older, or have medical problems.
  2. Live in Wake County.
  3. Have a next-of-kin or relative available as responsible party.

For Additional Information Contact:

The Citizens' Well-check Administrator, Deputy Laura Driver, at 919-856-6495.