​Special Operations Division consists of seven separate units: Drugs and Vice, Canine Handlers (K-9), Special Response Team (SRT)Impact Team, Task Force, and Warrant Unit.

Drugs and Vice

This unit of the Special Operations Division conducts overt and covert narcotic investigations. The unit is responsible for investigating the distribution, sale and possession of illicit drugs in our communities as well as our streets and highways. The Drugs and Vice unit also investigates other criminal offenses, such as illegal gambling and prostitution.

K-9 Unit

WCSO K9 Group Picture1.jpg 


The K-9 Unit patrols Wake County, answers calls for service, and responds to requests from patrol units from other agencies. Such requests involve the tracking of suspects, missing persons, cadavers, and locating illicit drugs in vehicles, enclosed structures and outdoor terrain. Members of the K-9 unit hold mandatory canine certifications and maintain superior physical condition. Each member is responsible for the care of his canine and is expected to respond at a moment's notice.

Special Response Team


The SRT unit specializes in the area of high-risk entries, such as search warrants and felony warrant service, barricaded suspects and active shooter incidents. The SRT unit is on call 24 hours a day to respond to these types of incidents as well as other tactical support operations for the Wake County Sheriff's Office and other agencies. Each member of the SRT unit completed a rigorous tryout process and is required maintain exceptional physical condition.


Impact Team


The Impact Team is designed to detect crimes and persons that commit them through aggressive traffic enforcement and patrol techniques. Through enforcement of traffic laws on Wake County interstates, highways, rural roads and communities, the Impact Team helps improve traffic safety, which reduces potential accidents. Through aggressive traffic enforcement by the team, roadside investigations often involve seizures of drugs, currency, firearms and fugitives. The team is often assigned to work "High Crime" areas of Wake County to eradicate elements of criminal activity. The Impact Team also detects and apprehends speeders, reckless drivers and impaired drivers. The team periodically operates DWI checking stations and is an active member of the Governor's Highway Safety Program. Impact Team members also investigate speed complaints and conduct traffic safety seminars in our local communities and schools.



The Warrant Unit specializes in the service all criminal processes in Wake County. Each year the Warrant Unit serves a number of judicial processes, such as Orders for Arrest, Criminal Summons, Governor's Arrest Warrants, and other processes that involve locating and apprehending wanted persons. The Warrant Unit also conducts "Round-Ups" of persons eluding capture for such criminal offenses as child support warrants and sex offender violations.


Task Forces

Wake County Sheriff's Office members are assigned to Federal Task Forces to jointly investigate criminal activity that extends beyond local and state jurisdictions. Such Task Forces include the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). As a result of state and federal law enforcement agencies working together, resources are used to effectively eradicate the criminal element from Wake County.