​The Wake County Sheriff’s Office Detention Division manages two detention facilities, the only such facilities that house adult detainees in Wake County. The Wake County Detention Center is located at 3301 Hammond Road, approximately halfway between the cities of Raleigh and Garner. The second facility is located at the John H. Baker, Jr. Public Safety Center, at 330 S. Salisbury St. in downtown Raleigh. The two facilities have a total bed capacity of 1,568.

Approximately 425 full and part-time staff provides health care, security, and supervision services for the detainee population. Private vendors operate Food Services and Commissary Services.

In the last twelve months, the detention operation had admitted over 32,000 detainees. Approximately 1/3 or 12,000 of these admissions bonded out almost immediately or received conditions of release from a magistrate that permitted the detainees to leave the detention facility and spend their pre-trial period in the community. The in-house detainee population fluctuates considerably. The detainee population can fluctuate from a low of 1,123 to a high of 1,580.

Wake County Sheriff’s Office facilities have some policies that differ from most other detention facilities nationwide.

  1. Inmates are not served coffee while incarcerated.
  2. Inmates cannot smoke. No tobacco products are allowed inside the jail.
  3. Inmates can exercise inside and outside their cells; however, the Wake County Sheriff’s Office does not provide inmates with weights or body building facilities.
  4. Sentenced inmates work in housekeeping and maintenance inside the detention facilities.
  5. Each inmate is served a nutritious meal three times a day. A professional dietician approves the menu that meets the standards set forth by the State of North Carolina. To ensure no religious edicts are compromised, we do not serve pork.
  6. Medical staff is on duty 24/7.
Contact the Detention Center by phone: 919-773-7930