​Minimum Requirements established by the North Carolina Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards, as well as the Wake County Sheriff's Office, are the basis for consideration for employments as a Deputy Sheriff, Detention Officer or Telecommunicator.

These requirements include:

  • Must be US Citizen (or proof of naturalization)
  • 21 Years of Age
  • High School Graduate (or equivalent – correspondence diplomas are not accepted by Sheriffs’ Standards)
  • No Felony or Serious Misdemeanor Charges/Convictions
  • Be of Good Moral Character
  • Medical Examination and Drug Test (will be done by our office)

Note: All Detention Officer and Deputy Sheriff applicants are required to make minimum passing scores on both a physical fitness test and a reading test. Your scores will be discussed with you on the same day that you are tested. Below is a description of the physical fitness test, the reading test, and the type of clothing necessary for testing day.

  • Physical Fitness Assessment consisting of:
    • One and one-half mile (1.5) run
    • One minute push-up test
    • One minute sit-up test
    • Vertical leap test
    • Proper athletic apparel is required for testing and consists of:
      • T-shirt or sweat shirt
      • Running shorts with appropriate undergarments
      • Sweat pants or wind pants
      • Proper running shoes
      • Gloves and/or headgear for inclement weather
  • Reading Test consisting of:
    • A graded reading locator test (17 minute time limit)
    • A vocabulary test (17 minute time limit)
    • A comprehension test (37 minute time limit)

Upon selection, a complete background will be done. This background includes but is not limited to the following checks: criminal, civil, driving, and credit. There will also be interviews conducted with references, current and previous employers, and others determined by the background investigator.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to get a certified county-wide criminal history record check of ALL CHARGES from any county for which you have lived for the past 10 years and the county you were living when you graduated from, or last attended high school. If you have not been charged with anything, the record check MUST have that specified as well. Your application will not be submitted for a background investigation until our office receives your record checks, as well as all other requested documents.

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact our recruiting office at 919-856-6983.