Death Record Services
Wake County Register of Deeds issues certified death certificates for deaths occurring in Wake County. Please call 919-856-5460 or email for more information. For deaths occurring in other N.C. counties contact the Register of Deeds for that county or the NC Vital Records at 919-733-3000.

How to get a certified death certificate if the death occurred in Wake County

To get a certified death certificate, one of the following (A, B or C) must apply
  1. Applicant is an immediate family member of the individual on the certificate. Applicant can be spouse, sister, brother, child, parent / stepparent, grandparent or grandchild.
  2. Applicant is seeking information for legal determination of personal or property rights.
  3. Applicant is authorized agent, attorney or legal representative of a person listed in 1 or 2.

*Proof required - (N.C.G.S § 130A 93-99). For acceptable forms of proof call 919-856-5460 or email

To get a copy of a death certificate in person

  • Make sure the requirements listed above are met. 
  • Complete the online English Application or Spanish Application for a Wake County Death Certificate.  (Or complete the application at the Wake County Register of Deeds Office.)
  • Bring the completed application along with your DMV-issued photo ID and $10 in cash, check or money order for each certified copy requested.
    Note: Credit and debit cards are not accepted.
  • If you are obtaining a marriage license or birth or death certificate on a Friday or at the end of the month, please allow extra time for processing as these are high volume days in the Registry.  Thank you for your patience during these peak days.


To get a copy of a death certificate by mail
  • Make sure the above requirements are met for a certified copy of a death certificate.
  • Complete the online English Application or Spanish Application for a Wake County Death Certificate
  • Sign the application, enclose a copy of applicant's DMV-issued photo ID, plus a check or money order in the amount of $10 for each requested certificate. Do not send cash in the mail.
  • Make your check or money order payable to 'Wake County Register of Deeds.'
  • Mail to Wake County Register of Deeds, P.O. Box 1897, Raleigh, N.C. 27602-1897. Your request will be processed within one business day of receipt (please allow additional mailing time)
Records Filed In Other North Carolina Counties

Wake County Register of Deeds does not record or issue copies of death records from other counties, states or countries. You must obtain copies of those records from the county where the death occurred. If you do not know the North Carolina county where the death occurred, contact NC Vital Records at 919-733-3000.
Death Registration
Please note that a death registration should be filed at Wake County Human Services, 10 Sunnybrook Road, Raleigh, NC 27610. Call 919-250-3917 for more information.
Note: The regional centers do not issue death certificates
For further assistance please call 919-856-5460 or email to