​Information on this website is public record, and it is maintained and provided in accordance with the Public Records Law of North Carolina.  Because a document recorded at the registry is public record, the preparer of the document should ensure that no Social Security numbers appear in the document.

Making registry information available via internet access saves the citizens of Wake County money in many ways, including:

  • Citizens do not have to go to a downtown office to obtain information.
  • Fewer staff members are needed to provide on-site service.
  • Maintenance of physical record books is greatly decreased.
  • Business and community organizations have on-demand access to information.

Why is my personal information made available by the Register of Deeds office?

The simple answer is: State law requires it.

According to N.C.G.S. § 132 law, "The public records and public information compiled by the agencies of North Carolina Government or its subdivisions are the property of the people.  Therefore, it is the policy of this state that the people may obtain copies of their public records and public information free or at minimal cost unless otherwise specifically provided by law."  As such, documents recorded by the Wake County Register of Deeds cannot be withdrawn from public inspection on demand.

This information has always been available for public viewing.  In June 1999, we began providing index data and images via the Internet.

Why do you collect and index information?

All Registers of Deeds are required to follow the Minimum Standards for Indexing Real Property Instruments which were established by the Land Records Management Division of the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State Office.  The Land Records Management Division establishes minimum standards for counties with regard to:

  • Uniform indexing of land records.
  • Uniform recording and indexing for maps, plats and condominiums.
  • Security and reproduction of land records.
The Register of Deeds is not responsible for the content of recorded documents.  This responsibility lies with the preparer of the document.

Why is the grantee address affixed to every recorded deed?

N.C.G.S. § 161-30 allows the County Commissioners of any county to require that this information be collected.  In Wake County, this information is required.
N.C.G.S. § 161-30. Modernization of land records.
  • The county commissioners of any county may require that the register of deeds shall not accept for registration any map or instrument affecting real property unless the following requirements are satisfied:
    1. The name and address of the person to whom the map or instrument is to be returned is affixed on the face thereof.
    2. The grantee's or owner's permanent mailing address is affixed on the face thereof.
Information on this website is public record, and it is maintained and provided in accordance with the Public Records Law of North Carolina.  Every effort is made to keep this information accurate and current, however the Register of Deeds office does not certify the authenticity of the information presented.  This office is not liable for any actions taken or omissions made due to reliance on information contained here.  The official records are maintained at the Wake County Register of Deeds office in Raleigh, NC.