Corrections to the Index

Whenever an indexing error is brought to the attention of the register, a correction must be made to the grantor/grantee index.  Once the index correction is complete, there will be 3 entries for the corrected book and page number.  The original entry will remain along with the associated image of the recorded document.  The corrected data will have blank images with the original recorded date and the correction date. 
The Indexing Correction Request form may be used to correct information that was not indexed correctly in the BOOKS database.   The register of deeds has no authority to correct an error appearing in the original instrument, such as a misspelled name, a defective property description or an incorrect loan amount pursuant to
N.C.G.S. § 132-3.  The register records the instrument as it is, and under no circumstances alters the text of a recorded instrument.

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