Legislation of Interest to Registers of Deeds

Session Law 2017-110 (HB 584) 

Starting August 31, 2018, clarifications to curative affidavits for correcting nonmaterial errors in recorded instruments of title will take effect. Please review the link below to read and understand the changes:

 NCGA Session Law 2017-110

The below bulletin reviews legislation enacted by the North Carolina General Assembly during the 2011 session.

For information regarding statute changes that affect Registers of Deeds,
see the *Land Records Bulletin, No. 35 (July 2011).
This bulletin is also posted at Wake County Register of Deeds and UNC School of Government at Chapel Hill - www.sog.unc.edu.

To learn about North Carolina general statutory provisions applicable to the Register of Deeds, visit the N.C.G.S. website to review Chapters 10, 25, 45, 47, 51, 66, 105, 132, 151, and 153, among others, containing content of interest to Register of Deeds.

* Used by permission of the School of Government, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.