​The Uniform Commercial Code is a set of guidelines pertaining to commercial law. It provides a method of giving notice of a security interest in personal property to interested third parties.

The code provides for the recording of security agreements in which a loan of money is secured by collateral, thereby giving the lender rights to the property.

Several important changes occurred in the UCC Division of the Register of Deeds office on July 1, 2001. On this date, the revised Article 9 of N.C.G.S. § 25 went into effect, affecting all registries in North Carolina.

  • Only fixture filings are accepted at the county level (Register of Deeds). A UCC fixture filing relates to items that become a part of real estate (such as heat pump, roof, windows, etc.). Fixture filings are now assigned a book and page number and are indexed in the Consolidated Real Property Index system along with real property documents.
  • In accordance with N.C.G.S. § 25-9-523(g), the Register of Deeds office staff will not search for UCCs filed after July 1, 2001. The public can search for UCCs filed after July 1, 2001 from our online Consolidated Real Property Index system.
  • Because the UCC image will be accessible via Consolidated Real Property Index, no paper copies will be retained by the Register of Deeds office. The original filing will be returned after it has been recorded.
  • All non-fixture UCC filings must be recorded with the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State.
  • A new national UCC form or facsimile should be used for filings. UCC forms are available for download via the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State's web page.

There are two primary types of UCC filings:

UCC-1: Financing Statement

The UCC-1 is an initial filing of a financing statement. According to N.C.G.S. § 25-9-502, a financing statement must contain the following information:

  • Secured party's name and address
  • Debtor's name and address
  • Statement indicating types and/or descriptions of collateral
  • Indicate it should be filed in the real estate records

Note: Submit a single copy for recording.

UCC-3: Financing Statement Amendment

The UCC-3 (amendment) is used for five kinds of secondary statements:

  1. Continuation of a financing statement
  2. Termination of a financing statement
  3. Assignment of a secured party's rights under a financing statement
  4. Amendments to a financing statement
  5. Release of part (or all) of the collateral covered by a financing statement

How to Search for a UCC filing?

Search for UCC's filed after July 1, 2001, online in Consolidated Real Property Index.

Fees and Payment

UCC-1 $38. ($45 if greater than 2 pages + $2 per page exceeding 10 pages.
For example, a 13-page filing would cost $51.)
UCC-3 $38. ($45 if greater than 2 pages + $2 per page exceeding 10 pages.
For example, a 13-page filing would cost $51.)
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