What has changed?

The ‘Cancelled’ column has been renamed to ‘Reference’. A column named ‘Referred By’ has been added when you view the expanded fields for a record.

cancel column in Books Search

reference field in Books Search

Why was this change made?

The cancelled column was part of the search page to help guide and indicate to users searching our site that a Deed of Trust may have a document satisfying the mortgage, thus cancelling the Deed of Trust. The reference field better describes the relationship the Deed of Trust has to the Satisfaction as it pertains to the function of the Register of Deeds.

What is the benefit of changing the column name?

The renaming of the column will alert users that the column is just a reference and more research is needed to confirm that a Deed of Trust has indeed been cancelled.

So, what has actually changed?

The column itself functions the same. A ‘Y’ will be present in the ‘Reference’ column when a Deed of Trust document has a Satisfaction document recorded referencing that Deed of Trust document. The user should then expand the result and click on the book and page listed under the ‘Referred By’ field. This will populate the book and page text boxes on the main search page. The user can then click ‘Search’ to easily bring up the Satisfaction document and confirm it is indeed the document that correctly satisfies the Deed of Trust.

Referrenced By field in Books Search

Books Search Auto Populate

Has anything changed when searching for a satisfaction?

Yes, if you expand the result for a satisfaction document you can now click on the document listed under ‘Original Book-Page’ and it will populate on the main search page’s book and page fields. A quick click on ‘Search’ will bring up the Deed of Trust associated with the Satisfaction for users to review for accuracy.

Original Book and Page Field in Books Search

Books Search Auto Populate Book and Page