Reprint from - Jan 27, 2011

By Roy Cooper, Attorney General

If you’ve gotten a letter telling you to send $87 for a copy of your property deed, don’t fall for it. North Carolina consumers have reported getting mailings with a Charlotte return address that is likely a rented mailbox. These misleading mailings are being sent out by the State Record Retrieval Board, which sounds like a legitimate government agency but is really a California company looking to make money at your expense.

If you need a copy of your property deed, contact your county Register of Deeds where you can usually obtain a copy of your deed for free and a certified copy for no more than a few dollars.

Our office has seen other scams in years past run by businesses with names that sound like official government agencies, such as Corporate Services, which claimed that businesses owed it $125 for failing to file their corporate minutes, and The Mandatory Poster Agency, which claimed to sell workplace labor law notices that are really available for free. If you get a suspicious letter asking you for money, don’t respond without checking it out thoroughly.

To check out a suspicious mailing or file a complaint about one, contact our Consumer Protection Division toll-free at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM within North Carolina. You can also file a consumer complaint online at

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