The oldest documents online
  • The oldest online document is an indenture agreement dated July 7, 1785. This document is recorded in Book 00000F, Page 1.
  • First recorded map is in Book of Maps 1885, Page 1 dated April 23, 1885 (this is not the recording date, but the date written on the map). It is the map of the lands of the NC Insane Asylum.
Books in Registry
  • General Index to Real Estate Grantees and Grantors from January 1, 1785 to September 30, 1991
  • All documents back to 1785 can be viewed online.
Books located off-site
  • The original hard copy books from years 1785 through January 31, 1901 are in storage at the NC Office of Archives and History.
  • The original hard copy books from February 1901 through 1995 are in storage at the Wake County Courthouse.