All lesson plans are in PDF format (unless otherwise noted) and have been reviewed and field tested in formal school classroom settings. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about the materials listed below please send an email to us at FeedtheBin "at"



Teacher Background Handout
Teacher Curriculum Workshops
Waste & Recycling Historical Timeline​

Linking to the N.C. Standards:
Science Tie-in Document

Linking to the N.C. Standards:
Geography & Env. Literacy Tie-in


Lesson Plans By Unit:

Lesson Plans By Topic​:

Feed The Bin (4 lessons)
Close the Loop (4 lessons)
All About Plastics – Gr. K–5 (4 lessons)
All About Plastics – Gr. 6–8 (2 lessons)
Composting – Elementary version (7 lessons)
Composting – Middle version (2 lessons)
Litter Prevention (1 lesson)

Starve the Landfill (4 lessons)
 Program Mascot: PaperGuy

General Recycling:
What am I made of? Matching Activity
Make a MRF: Build Your Own Recycling Factory
Sequencing Recycling at Our School
Buy Recycled – Friendly Letters
Life Cycle of Paper and Aluminum
Buy Recycled – Business Letters

Plastics Lessons:
Plastics Poetry
Human Bar Graph
Plastics Sight Words
Properties of Plastics
Plastics Sorting and Identification
Polymer Fun
Chemical & Physical Properties of Plastics

Waste and Landfill Lessons:
Garbage Pizza: A No Waste Take on the Original
Word Problems and Reading Comprehension: EOG Review Activities
Building a Landfill Model
Understanding the Waste Stream using Pie Graphs
Trash Sort Matching Activity

Composting Lessons:
Elementary Level:
What Can We Compost?
Compost is Hot! - Taking Temperature
Compost Card Game learn compost "ingredients" 
Planting With Compost
"Diary of a Worm" - read aloud activity
Building a Mini-Composter
Compost Relay Race

Middle Level:
Deciphering Decomposers
Decompose This!


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