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Mixed Paper Recycling Program Facts

Number of schools in the program:

  • Wake County Public School System (WCPSS):  169
  • Wake County Public Charter Schools:  10
  • Number of students participating: ~159,000 

2013–2014 School Year: [see award winners]
Individual School Weights for 2013–14

  • Total pounds recycled (paper):
  • Total tons recycled (paper):
  • Pounds recycled per student:
  • Total percent increase/decrease in paper recycling
    (from prior year):
  • Elementary Schools:
  • Middle Schools:
  • High Schools:
  • Approx. amount of landfill space
    saved this year:

1,565,870 pounds
783 tons
9.9 lbs/capita

5.4% increase!
7.7% increase
-0.9% decrease
5.1% increase

2,349 cubic yards^


Current School Year*:
July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
115,562 100,559 123,675 132,635 108,362 116,732
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
129,739 121,820  
*Weights listed in pounds
^Calculation: 1 ton of material can fit into a 3 cubic yard of space (approximately)

Program Awards/Accomplishments

2013–2014 School Award Winners:

Most Paper Recycled Among 177 Schools: Sanderson High School (17,885 pounds)
Most Paper Recycled Per Student: Partnership Elementary (29 lbs/student)

Most Paper Recycled Per Student (by level):
- Among 106 Elementary Schools: Partnership Elementary (29 lbs/student)
- Among 37 Middle Schools: North Garner Middle (14 lbs/student)
- Among 25 High Schools: Sanderson High (9 lbs/student)
- Among 5 Optional/Alternative Schools: Mt. Vernon/Bridges (84 lbs/student)
- Among 9 Charter Schools: Casa Esperanza (15 lbs/student)

2012–2013 Top Schools
2011–2012 Top Schools

2010–2011 Top Schools

2009–2010 Top Schools

American Forest and Paper Association Award (2009)

Outstanding Coordinator & Club Nomination Form


Recycling Data for Schools

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