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Mixed Paper Recycling Program Facts

Number of sites participating in the program:

  • ​Wake County Public School System (WCPSS):
  • Wake County Public Charter Schools:
  • WCPSS Partnered Site ("Other"):
  • Number of students participating:

approx. 159,000

Individual School Weights for 2011-2012
Individual School Weights for 2012-2013
Individual School Weights for 2013–14
Individual School Weights for 2014-15  
FY16_IndividualSchools.pdfIndividual School Weights for 2015-16

Amount of space saved in the landfill (approx):

Total increase/decrease (all schools) over previous year:

Elementary Schools increase/decrease in paper collection: 

Middle Schools increase/decrease in paper collection:  

High Schools increase/decrease in paper collection: 


2,532 cubic yards

0.8%  increase

1.8%  increase

3.8% decrease

4.3%  increase

Current School Year*:

July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
127,465 89,832 110,671 140,522 105,459 115,857
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
131,750 143,728 144,641 135,443 161,050 281,881
*Weights listed in pounds
^Calculation: 1 ton of material can fit into a 3 cubic yard of space (approximately)

Program Awards/Accomplishments

2013–2014 School Award Winners 

2012–2013 Top Schools
2011–2012 Top Schools

2010–2011 Top Schools

2009–2010 Top Schools

American Forest and Paper Association Award (2009)



Recycling Data for Schools

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