COVID-19 Update: In-person landfill tours are suspended until further notice. Virtual landfill tours are available, upon request.

South Wake Landfill Tours

SWLF_1.jpgHave you ever wondered what happens to your trash when it leaves the curb? Collection day is just the first day in a long journey for your trash. Join us on a virtual tour of an active landfill to find out where it all ends up. 

On the virtual tour, you will also learn:

  • Where you can recycle additional household items, not picked up at the curb
  • What common household items are harmful to the environment, if put in the trash
  • Where to dispose of harmful household items safely
  • How to reduce waste at home, school or work
  • How Wake County is using household trash to make energy

Virtual tours last 45 minutes and use Microsoft Teams to meet; however, we will join other online platforms (e.g., Zoom, Google Meets), for organizations hosting their own meetings and who operate within Wake County. Recommended age, 8 years or older. Participants will need internet access and a computer, tablet or phone to join the virtual tour. Requests for virtual tours are intended for groups with at least 10 participants in the targeted age range.

"Since taking a tour of Wake County waste management facilities and the landfill I've become more knowledgeable and environmentally conscious about my consuming habits" – Kenice, City of Raleigh.

For more information or to request a virtual landfill tour email: