Outreach staff can regularly be found out and about in the community participating in local events with our ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ booth. Outreach Staff welcome the opportunity to visit all municipalities in Wake County and attend festivals, Earth Day events, and environmental education fairs.  

Attending community events provides an opportunity for Wake County residents to:

  • Learn more about the free waste and recycling services available to residents
  • Ask staff questions on how to recycle right 
  • Learn about landfill and recycling center tours available to the public
  • Receive educational materials on waste and recycling facilities
  • Participate in games to learn more about recycling and win prizes that can help reduce waste
  • Engage with the County in a discussion about the impact our waste can have on the local environment and the important role we all play in managing the growing waste problem
  • Take home recycled giveaways that demonstrate the benefits of recycling.

For more information on community events email: Sara Davarbakhsh, Community Outreach Coordinator or call: 919-856-7412.