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The bathroom is a room in the house where a number of everyday items we use come packaged in either paper, cardboard or plastic, yet as few as 20% of Americans say they recycle in the bathroom. The reasons people give for why they don't recycle in the bathroom include; "I don’t know what items can be recycled in the bathroom" and "I don’t have a separate recycling bin in the bathroom."
Wake County Solid Waste Division is an advocate for recycling in every room in the home, so we are piloting a bathroom recycling campaign to help educate our residents on what common bathroom items can be recycled and placed in your curbside recycling bin for collection or taken to a Convenience Center. See the table below for a full list of items:
Plastic Bottles
(empty contents, replace cap)
Paper Packaging
Liquid hand soap (discard pump)
Soap box
Shampoo & conditioner
Toothpaste box
Body wash
Tissue box
Toilet paper roll
Contact lens solution
Razor refill box
Panty liner/tampon box
Make-up remover
Hair color box
Nail polish remover
Bandage box
Cleaning spray (discard pump)
Medicine box
Hair styling sprays (discard pump)
No: Tissues, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, facewash tubes or razors.
We have designed a bathroom recycling decal that lists all the items that can be recycled, and the decal can be added to any bin. Request a FREE decal here (available while supplies last), and don't forget to include your address (available to Wake County residents only).
We are also providing a FREE 3-gallon bathroom recycling bin (while supplies last) and bathroom recycling decal to households who sign up for the initiative, in exchange for providing feedback about your recycling efforts (available to Wake County residents only).
"The bathroom recycling bin has been wonderful.  It is the perfect size, fits nicely in the linen closet in our master bath, and it's big enough for the big box store sized shampoo bottles. We use it so much that its emptied every other week and goes straight into the roll cart recycle bin, then to the curb" - Tony, Town of Cary.
The next sign-up event will take place on Saturday, Nov. 18, on Wake County Recycling Day, at North Wake Solid Waste Management Facilities, 9029 Deponie Drive, Raleigh
For more information about this initiative, contact Sara Davarbakhsh, Community Outreach Coordinator.