Public participation is strongly encouraged by Wake County, and in particular for a division that interacts with the public on a regular basis like the Solid Waste Division. We are all citizens and we understand the importance and value of having citizen partners.

​The South Wake Landfill Citizens Committee was established in 2006, prior to the opening of the South Wake Landfill. The purpose of the committee is to:

  • Provide a forum for neighbors of the South Wake Landfill to have a voice in the continuing development of the landfill 
  • Assist the County with continued operations of the landfill 
  • Provide a conduit for information between Wake County Environmental Services staff and the neighboring public regarding activities at the landfill

The South Wake Landfill Citizens Committee brings together people who live in the surrounding areas of the landfill site. The Committee meets semi-annually, in the evening at the Holly Springs Cultural Center. View our calendar for details of upcoming meetings

The committee is actively recruiting for new members. The role of individual committee members is to act as representatives of their particular subdivision and/or town, and liaise between homeowners associations, Town Councils and the County on any issues that need to be addressed regarding the landfill, throughout its operating life.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee or attending their meetings, call 919-856-6424.

Have questions or need more information, contact John Roberson.