Total County Waste Generation and Landfill Needs
  • Total County population – 929,780 in 2011
  • Total municipal waste generation – 650,000 tons in 2006, 800,000 tons in 2016
  • Municipal/County partnership process concluded that in-county landfill was best option
  • Need to provide for 25-year disposal capacity
  • Due to significant increases in recycling efforts, the total disposal volumes at the South Wake Landfill are approximately 400,000–450,000 tons per year.
Landfill Size and Key Elements
  • 179 acres of disposal area
  • 290 acres of buffer and soil excavation area
  • Household and commercial waste disposal
  • Citizen drop-off facilities at the site
  • Opened in February 2008
  • Citizen Committee to connect with community
Landfill Impact On County Taxes and Property Values
  • Operates on enterprise fund system – no County taxes
  • $20 per year County household fee for other facilities
  • Studies show impacts are in the planning period.
  • Property values around North Wake Landfill escalate at or above average.
Environmental Considerations
  • Impermeable Synthetic Base Liner System to protect water quality
  • Monitoring to protect groundwater
  • Gas system and monitoring to protect air
  • Minimized wetlands disturbance
  • Leachate to Holly Springs sewer system
  • Operating protocol to stop unacceptable waste
  • Site and roadside litter clean-up protocol
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