​Site Location
7100 Hunt Valley Trail
Wendell, NC  27591


The Turnipseed Nature Preserve is a mix of different habitats including forests, wetlands, rock outcroppings, and previously farmed fields now in natural succession. The assemblage of five properties, totaling 248 acres, was purchased from 2004 to 2011. Phase 1 of the preserve is now under construction and includes: entrance drive off of Hunt Valley Trail, parking, walkways and signage, hiking and nature trails, 120 foot long pedestrian bridge, access boardwalks, picnic and open play areas. Future phases will include preserve access from Pleasants Road and additional hiking and nature trails throughout the property.


Site Acreage​: 248 acres
Parking: 30 spaces
Programs Offered: Environmental education and hiking
Landscape Architect: Susan Hatchell Landscape Architecture
Contractor: ​McQueen Construction
Construction Budget: ​$1.1 million
Projected Opening: ​Spring 2017
Current Phase: Construction

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