The Bay Leaf Volunteer Fire Department serves the Bay Leaf Fire Insurance District in Northern Wake County. This Fire District covers more than 36 square miles and serves a population of 23,600 residents. Station #1 is the original headquarters station, built in 1982. Since that time, the district has experienced significant growth in demand, and the department has increased its staff to appropriately respond. The original station was not equipped with sleeping quarters since Bay Leaf was completely a volunteer fire department. The station is now staffed on a 24-hour basis with career firefighters. Thus, to meet the needs of the citizens in its fire district, the existing fire station was torn down and a new station built in its place to provide sleeping quarters, administrative office functions and training space.

This new fire station is 16,400 SF, 2 story Headquarters Station, located on Six Forks Road. The facility provides 3-1/2 bays of fire apparatus storage space. Construction was completed in the fall of 2013.

Architect – Stewart Cooper Newell
Contractor – DeVere Construction Company