​Site Location​
111 Sunnybrook Road
Raleigh NC  27610


Wake County is addressing the growing mental health treatment needs of our residents by the addition of 12 beds to the current Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, which increases the total to 28 beds which will be provided at the facility.
The additional 12 beds will divert persons in crisis from unnecessary hospitalization, which will allow consumers to receive professional evaluations and short term crisis intervention in a safe environment.  


Expansion Size​: 7,688 SF
Parking: Additional 20 parking spaces to the existing 120
Building Autonomy: Additional generator added to the existing electrical system
Architect: LS3P Associates, LTD
Contractor: ​Riley Contracting Group
Construction Budget: ​$3.6 M
​Completed: ​Spring of 2016

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