​Site Location​
6333 Robertson Pond Road
Wendell, NC  27591

Robertson Millpond Picnic Shelter Dock - Web Ready.jpg

Paddle around the only bald cypress blackwater swamp habitat in Wake County and you will feel like you've stepped back through the ages. The site has been identified by the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program as one of the 47 significant natural areas in Wake County. The site, purchased under the Wake County Open Space Program in September 2013, offers vehicle access, parking and unloading area, sheltered picnic tables, access to pond by short pier/dock or from shoreline, and access to see the gristmill site foundation. This blackwater cypress-gum swamp is unique this far north and this far west in North Carolina and has many species from the coastal plain. The millpond is part of Buffalo Creek, named for the herds of buffalo once seen watering there. Native Americans in the region would have likely lived and hunted along the creek. The dam, part earthen and part masonry, dates back to the 1820s and is still in place. The mill was removed in the mid-1970s. The dam and remaining foundation of the mill have been designated historic landmarks.


Site Acreage​: 81.71 acres
Parking: 23 spaces
Programs Offered: Canoe and kayak access via accessible dock or shoreline
Landscape Architect: DHM Design
Contractor: ​McQueen Construction
Construction Budget: ​$425,000
Opening: ​Fall 2015
Current Phase: Open to the public on weekends

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