Robertson Millpond-Walkway to Mill Site

Wendell, NC  27591



The millpond is part of Buffalo Creek, named for the herds of buffalo once seen watering there. Native Americans in the region would have likely lived and hunted along the creek. The site has also been identified by the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program as one of 47 significant natural areas in Wake County. This blackwater cypress-gum swamp is unique this far north and this far west in North Carolina and has many species from the coastal plain present.

Phase 1 opened in 2016 and provided parking, an ADA accessible kayak launch, and open space. This Phase 2 project includes a constructed kayak/canoe bank launch, a nature trail around the open space, a boardwalk that extends into the cypress swamp, and an overlook and interpretive path of the old mill site.


Site Acreage:​ ​85 acres
​Parking: ​25 spaces including ADA
Programs Offered: ​Kayaking/Canoeing, Picnicking, Nature Walk, Bird/Waterfowl Observation
Landscape Architect: Site Collaborative, Inc.
Contractor: ​Bridgeview Contractors, Inc.
Construction Budget: ​$422,000
Project Completed: October 1, 2019
Current Phase: ​Completed

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Robertson Millpond Boardwalk Over Pond
Robertson Millpond Boardwalk Over Pond

Robertson Millpond Kayak Launch