Solar Array




Wake County kicked off a 38kW Solar PV project on April 9, 2019.  While this project's duration and site impact is minimal, the long term benefits will extend well into the future.  The 38kW array is mounted on the roof of the Oak City Multi-Services Center and features high efficiency premium monochrystalline panels that are lightweight yet robustly constructed for years of energy output with minimal performance degression over time.  The addition of the solar array was anticipated during the construction of the Oak City Multi-Services Center so that the roofing materials and structure were designed to support a solar array.  Wake County commissioned this project into service on July 24, 2019.


Site Acreage​: Combined site acreage is 7.77 acres; roof area of array is approximately 3,000 SF
Architect: ​HDM Associates, Inc.
Contractor: ​Nationwide Electrical Service, Inc.
Construction Budget: ​$140,000
​Project Completion: July 24,20192019
Current Phase: Completed


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