The 20-Year Human Services Master Plan identified improvements to the service delivery process and outlined occupancy scenarios that align with the community’s long-term service delivery needs. The selected scenario identifies the need for a New Public Health Facility adjacent to the existing Swinburne Human Service Building, thus creating a Wake County Social Services and Public Health Campus. An Advanced Planning & Programming study has recently been completed for this project. Wake County and the design team will use this information to move forward into the next phases of the project: Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document preparation. Public Art will also be included in this project, as it meets the requirements identified in the Wake County Public Art Ordinance.


Programs Offered: Wake County Public Health & Social Services
Architect/Designer: O'Brien/Atkins, Inc. and LS3P Associates LTD
Contractor: ​CMAR TBD

For more information about the planning and programming, please click the document below.